Fish Tank Background | Natural Looking Habitat

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Fish are wonderful and peaceful pets, very easy to care for. There is no need to constantly shower them with attention or take them outside, the aquarium is their whole world. Considering that the aquarium is their home, the only place they know, we should arrange it according to their needs. Glass is a reflective surface, without anything to darken or cloud it, fish have the feeling that at every moment of their life someone is imitating them in everything. This is how we bring them to unnecessary stress and premature death. But what kind of fish tank background are good for our aquarium? What is their impact? Are there some that are better than others?

Fish Tank Background | Natural Looking Habitat

There are two types of aquarium wallpapers, fish tank background posters, and 3d aquarium wallpaper. As the name suggests, poster backgrounds are 2D images that are somehow glued to the desired part of the aquarium. These types of wallpapers are very easy to find, and even if we don’t have a lot of money for them, there are cheaper options. The cheapest option is to find an image ourselves and copy it at home or at a printing shop. If we print at home with standard printers, there is a high probability that we will have to glue from several parts. This can happen even if we copy at a print shop, although most of them will be able to print the background to the desired measurements.

 fish tank poster


How to apply an aquarium background?

You can also find aquarium poster backgrounds at very low prices (about 20usd) in the surrounding five shops or online. The designs are unlimited, but the most common are designs that imitate the natural habitats of fish. Poster backgrounds are very easy to mount on the aquarium. We can stick them directly to the glass of the aquarium, or only on the upper part. If we like to change them often, it is best to tape only the poster pages to the aquarium pages. If the posters are made of better material (not ordinary paper or cardboard), we can coat the glass on which we would like to place the poster with oil and then stick it. The possibilities are unlimited, as long as they do not disturb the work of the aquarium or the life of the fish. Their price is based on the material from which they are made, vinyl will be more expensive than ordinary paper, but usually, the price for a standard size does not exceed 10 USD.


How much are aquarium backgrounds?

When looking at 3D wallpapers for our aquarium, we have to be prepared for a significantly higher price, because the cheapest ones that can be found online and in pet shops range from 15-20 USD. It is recommended to disinfect the 3D fish tank background before inserting them into the aquarium, as well as all accompanying equipment. These backgrounds are good because they provide a nice decoration and the fish have a place to hide, stimulating life outside the aquarium where they would have to hide from predators. Of course, there are several mounting methods such as glueing or embedding directly on the aquarium, but it is certainly a fact that after the 3D background is installed, it does not move, nor does water penetrate where it is mounted. When the 3D wallpapers for the aquarium are directly glued to the same, maintenance, more precisely their washing is a little difficult, but definitely possible. Aquarium enthusiasts often opt for glued 3D wallpapers.

aquarium wallpaper

Whatever we decide on, we won’t go wrong. The most important thing is that they will perform their role, which is to reduce the reflectivity of the glass and the stress of the fish in the aquarium, and the aquarium will look more beautiful in an aesthetic sense.