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An aquarium lamp is one of the most necessary pieces of equipment. Not only does it affect the appearance of the aquarium, but it is also important for its living world. If we look aesthetically, the lamp for the aquarium is the same as the lighting of the house for us. Without lighting, it is very difficult to see what something looks like, and even moving in such a space is difficult. To be able to see what is happening in our aquarium at any time of the day or night, an aquarium lamp is necessary. As we have already mentioned, the lamp is also important for the living world of the aquarium. Without light, fish are unable to see and reach their food. The pigmentation and growth of fish also depend on the light they receive. If they don’t get enough light, the fish can lose their pigmentation and in some cases even stop moving. Fish growth and development can also stagnate without the necessary light. Now that we know why lighting is so important to an aquarium, we can look at what types of aquarium light we have, and some fish tank lighting ideas.

Best Fish Tank Lighting Ideas


Freshwater aquarium lighting guide

There are four categories of aquarium lights: normal output fluorescent lighting, compact fluorescent lighting, high-intensity metal halide lighting, and fish tank led light systems. The types arranged in this way range from the oldest to the newest and currently most frequently used LED lighting. LED systems are very useful for several reasons. The first and most important reason is that they do not add heat, which means that the temperature will remain as we set it. This is very important if we have fish that are sensitive to temperature changes. Also, LED lamps do not consume a lot of electricity, and their colour as well as the amount of light is adjustable. Unfortunately, these lamps are not the most suitable for aquariums that require strong lighting, but newer models offer the option to fix that as well.

The biggest problem with this lighting is its price, but in the future, it will pay off with a lower electricity bill. Following various forums and pet shops, I noticed that there is no specific manufacturer of led lamps that is boasting. Many people even order from various foreign websites (AliExpress, Amazon, eBay) just because of the price. It is only important to determine the colour and intensity according to our living organisms in the aquarium. The manufacturer Atman is often mentioned and presents in our pet shops, but it is more expensive. Another well-known manufacturer is Arcadia, also often mentioned in aquarium forums and circles. If we got an aquarium from someone, or maybe we want to save money at the beginning, ordinary lighting is also fine. We just have to take care of the proximity of lighting. The first reason for this has already been mentioned, and that is the heating of the water. If the lamp is too close it will heat the water, thus destroying the living world.

There is also the possibility that the lighting falls directly into the water. This situation can lead to an electric shock for us if we are nearby, and for the fish. It is also important how much lighting is turned on. We try to give the fish a life like in their natural habitat, and that includes the alternation of day and night. It is best to keep the lighting on and off every 12 hours. Any lighting is good lighting and will help the plant life and fish thrive in the best order. It is important to pay attention to the setting of the lamps, their distance from the aquarium, and the operation itself.