Fish Tank Stand & Cabinets

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Personalizing our living spaces is something we do every day. Whether it’s buying a house that looked cute or changing the color of a room, we try to make everything we do to our liking. This does not change when we talk about aquaculture, or specifically about aquariums and the space around them. The aquariums can be adjusted according to our wishes, or we can even buy factory aquariums to fit into the desired space. But of course, that aquarium has to stand on something. If we have miniature aquariums, we don’t need fish tank stand that much, but for all others, it is desirable to have a special place to keep them, as well as everything that goes with aquariums.

Fish Tank Stand


Factory aquarium stand vs DIY aquarium stand

We can buy ready-made factory stands for aquariums, and we can also make them by hand. Factory stands for aquariums are convenient because they come ready and arranged. The experience is the same as buying any other piece of furniture. We choose from the already set selections the one that would fit into our space and can support the aquarium. The price of factory plinths starts from 150 usd, but they are plinths without additional partitions. The most famous company that makes factory stands is JUWEL, but the stands they manufacture are more expensive. If the budget you set aside is smaller, local pet shops and online stores will be a better choice for you. If we want our fish tank stand to be functional, it is better to choose one with drawers or compartments where we can store fish food, vitamins, and similar things.

Aesthetically, it is more pleasant that way, and all additional cables and accompanying equipment can also be stored that way. The only disadvantage of such aquarium stands is that they are not so personalized, and we have to be guided by what the market offers. If we already have an idea of ​​what we want and how it should look, aquarium handmade stands are a better choice. As with homemade fish tanks, we can do this ourselves or have someone make it for us. This type of aquarium stand is better because the personalization is unlimited. We can choose the height of the stand, the appearance, and the color, and we can do everything we imagine. If we look at the height of the stand, many recommend that the stand be high enough to be able to see it from a sitting position, but with hand-made stands, it changes according to how the customer wants it to be. Although the first choice for plinths is wood, and factory plinths are most often made of it, there are other choices as well.

For lovers of minimalist designs, it is possible to make a glass aquarium stand by hand. Many also made pedestals from building materials such as bricks and blocks and built fireplace-style pedestals. There is no specific way in which we will make a stand, it all depends on our possibilities and wishes. On the Internet, we can find a million ideas and videos on how to make your own aquarium stand. With a little patience and a lot of effort, dreams of the perfect aquarium stand are no longer just dreams. Financially, handmade stands can be much more expensive than factory ones. It is also important to remember that we can always improve the stand we take. If after a while we want something different, it’s perfectly fine to change.


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