Freshwater Aquarium Fish for Beginners

Last Updated on November 19, 2022 by David

When it comes to freshwater aquarium fish for beginners, we have a good selection. Of course, everything depends on the equipment and the money we plan to invest in this hobby, but for every situation, there is an adequate type of fish for the aquarium. For absolute beginners, guppy fish and Siamese fighters are the best choices for the small tank. These fish do not need any accompanying equipment, they are small in size and very easy to reflect. The only important thing for them is to provide them with food and change the water for a few days.

Best freshwater aquarium fish

Best freshwater aquarium fish combination for beginners

The next good choices for beginners can be molly and bream fish. An important item for them is the size of the aquarium in which they are located. It is recommended to provide a 40l aquarium for several of these fish, but the owner should be prepared to increase it. The reason for this is the fact that these fish breed very often. Most purchased female molly and flounder fish leave the owner in a different state, and due to the way of reproduction, this is not visible from the external appearance of these fish.

Dwarf gourami is also one of the less demanding fish. She is very popular for her beautiful looks, peaceful nature, and generally shy demeanor. This shy type of aquarium fish requires an aquarium of at least 50 liters with a temperature of 25C. Due to the fact that these fish are not very friendly and are very small, it is not recommended to combine them with larger fish.

Another very interesting and useful fish for the beginner’s aquarium is the Corridor fish. These beginner fish are very friendly and enjoy aquariums with a variety of fish. They are particularly useful because they swim close to the bottom and clean it of uneaten food. This is a type of fish that may not look that interesting, but it is a great worker and helps in maintaining the aquarium in which it is located. Their price is very low, only 5 USD, apparently, this fish is an indispensable part of every aquarium.


The next fish we will discuss is very special because it is one of the most popular aquarium fish. The angelfish is a fish that exudes elegance and grace. Considering that they can reach 25 cm in height and 15 cm in length, this beautiful fish needs a large and tall aquarium. These fish are not too demanding, so it is advisable to plant a few Amazons around whose leaves they will be able to swim. Of course, if we plan to share the aquarium with some other species of fish, we must be careful about their size. Fish that are too small can become prey, as can shrimp. These beginner fish mate for life, and their parenting is a thing of beauty. They are very devoted to taking care of their eggs and later their young.

Kuhli is the most different, looking at the physical appearance of the already mentioned types of aquarium fish. This fish is similar to an eel in appearance. They are very peaceful and feed on the bottom of the aquarium with leftover food or worms and shrimps that are found there. They can live in harmony with calmer species of fish for the aquarium, the only thing that must be done is not to put larger species of fish that would soon become prey for the cool fish. All in all, these are not the only types of fish that are suitable for beginners, but they are more well-known aquarium fish. The most important thing is to provide living conditions for the fish we plan to raise, as well as enough care so that they can live out their lifespan.