Homemade Fish Tanks vs Brand Fish Tanks

Last Updated on November 19, 2022 by David

Aquariums are homes for our fish, even more than that. There are two types of aquariums: factory-made aquariums and hand-glued aquariums (homemade fish tanks). The first type is the most popular for beginners because most want to start their journey in aquaculture as effortlessly as possible. Also, factory aquariums are safer, because all the work has already been done. The only thing we need to do is go to the nearby pet shop and pick up the one we like the most. If we are unable or simply do not want to have contact with people, there are also many online stores for aquarium equipment. With a click or two, we can get the aquarium as well as all the accompanying equipment to your home address.

Homemade Fish Tanks

Factory aquariums are the easiest option, but there are a few downsides. The probability of adapting an already completed aquarium is very small. There are standard dimensions according to which these aquariums are made, and sometimes it is difficult to fit them into the space that we have planned for the aquarium. Also, factory aquariums contain all the necessary equipment for an aquarium, when we buy it, it comes installed. This is a problem for aquarists who would like to upgrade their aquarium in the future. Another good side of factory aquariums is the price. Mass production has always cost less than hand-made items, and it’s the same in this situation. Factory aquariums are produced in large numbers, and thus their price is lower. They do not have a shelf life, so they can be sold within a month or two years. If we look exclusively at our search engine, we can notice that there are not many different manufacturers and models. The reason for this is that we only order models that have proven themselves on the market. This means that the probability of getting a bad factory aquarium is greatly reduced. There is also a 24-month warranty on these aquariums, which goes a long way in our favor.


DIY glass aquarium make at home – is it safe?

Homemade fish tanks are the kind where we, as aquarium lovers, are given all the freedom to create our perfect DIY glass aquarium. We can do this in two ways. The first way is to do the whole process ourselves (find the glass, all the equipment, design, etc…) or we can order an aquarium as desired from people or companies that make them. The first method is risky if we do not have the necessary skills to build an aquarium and are not familiar with all the equipment we need. There may be poorly glued glass or poorly connected equipment. Another situation that can arise is that we buy the wrong equipment, but this happens very rarely. This type of aquarium acquisition is recommended for people with experience in aquariums and aquariums. The price of such aquariums depends on our equipment, but compared to factory aquariums, it is more expensive.

 diy glass aquarium make at home

The last option can be the most expensive option of the three, and that is to find someone professional to make an aquarium according to our wishes. One of the sites dealing with this is the Custom Aquariums, which has been in this business for 20 years. They also offer consultation with them so that you as a customer get the best possible aquarium. You can always ask in your area if someone is engaged in making aquariums. Hand-glued aquariums carry a certain risk, but the possibility of personalization is guaranteed. Factory aquariums are a safe option, already ready for use. It is only up to us to choose the type that suits our wishes and possibilities.