Labidochromis Caeruleus | Electric Yellow Cichlid

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A good representative of lake Malawi cichlids is the electric yellow cichlid. This small fish is very popular in aquaristics. Labidochromis caeruleus is yellow with black patterns on the ends of the fins, dorsal in both sexes, and pectoral and anal in male representatives of these fish. The yellow or “electric yellow cichlid” Carleus is a suitable aquarium fish for both beginners and experienced aquarists. They are shy, so it is recommended to keep them in an aquarium with lots of pebbles and stone caves, so they can hide behind them. Pebbles are also important because they mimic their natural habitat.

Electric Yellow Cichlid

These fish belong to the M’buna cichlid group, and all fish from this group live in a rocky natural habitat. The dimensions of yellow carleus are very small. They grow up to 10 cm, and females are usually smaller by a third. Fertilization and development of the young in these fish take place in the mouth of the female after successful mating. It is important to pay attention to females during this process. Due to the survival of the young in their mouths, females refuse food for twenty to thirty days (if the female is inexperienced). They can also become the target of male representatives of these fish, so it is very important to protect them. Electric yellow cichlid can survive in a 100+L aquarium, but a 180+L aquarium is more recommended.


Also, it is advisable to have fewer males of this species in one aquarium due to territoriality. The water must be harder and alkaline, with as few major changes to the aquarium ecosystem as possible. The yellow carleus is a carnivore and primarily feeds on insects, although in the aquarium they adapt to the diet provided by the owner. Then they become omnivorous and can feed on both plant and meat products. The price of this fish is around 8 USD per fish.



  • Care Level
  • Temperament
  • Color
Bright yellow with a blue streak hap
  • Lifespan
Up to 10 years
  • Size
Up to four inches long
  • Diet
Carnivore in the wild
  • Family
  • Minimum Tank Size
30 gallons
  • Tank Setup
Freshwater, plants, caves
  • Compatibility
Compatible with non-aggressive species